Client Testimonials

It’s a great comfort to our family to know we can contact MD Medical Navigators when we have a medical issue we want to discuss. We have known Our Navigator, Dr. Jonathan Cohen, for over 20 years. He has been our “doctor in the family” and a trusted consultant whenever we want to discuss a medical issue. His knowledge, insight and caring nature has been invaluable to us– knowing we have an advocate and guide by our side gives us a major sense of security. Dustin & Lisa Hoffman

Actor and Entrepreneur, Lisa Hoffman Beauty

My MD Medical Navigator is first and foremost, a problem solver.  I always find him to be cutting edge, technologically advanced, extremely knowledgeable, and readily accessible whenever I need his help. 

I had been dealing with the after effects of an accident that caused a concussion and injury to my neck and upper back.  Eighteen months after the accident, I was still dealing with very serious symptoms despite seeing a few neurologists and participating in a rehabilitation program in New York City.  I was frustrated that I was not getting better and actually had to take time off from work to deal with the issue.  I finally enlisted the help of a MD Medical Navigator, looking for any ideas to break the impasse.  My problem was well outside of his specialty, but he applied his overall general medical expertise, diligence, and strong connections outside of his own particular medical institution and location to quickly troubleshoot the situation and help me come up with a plan.  He called me just an hour after our conversation and told me for an injury like this I should go see a nationally respected specialist who oversaw a large program in Pittsburgh.  My Navigator reached out to a friend of his that practiced at the same hospital and within a week I had an appointment with the program head himself.  Within weeks of this appointment, I made significant progress, made a full recovery, and was able to return to work and resume many activities that I was not sure I would ever be able to do again.  I credit my MD Medical Navigator’s knowledge, personal network, and problem solving to guiding me to take the actions that led to my recovery.  He is uniquely qualified to be my medical navigator and family medical advisor– any patient would be lucky to have him in their corner.


Hedge Fund Manager

I’ve known Dr. Jon Cohen on a personal basis for 20 years. Two years ago I was experiencing symptoms and underwent some diagnostic tests that were leading me in circles and not giving me a clear answer as to the treatment path I should follow. Unsure as to what I should do next I turned to Dr. Cohen for counsel.

Dr. Cohen was incredibly responsive and supportive during this stressful time. He reviewed the test results I had received and helped me to set in motion a plan of action to explore simultaneously two different potential avenues of investigation. He helped me to understand the urgency of my situation and counseled me with regards to what I should be asking of the physicians with whom I met. He checked in on me to keep track on what I was learning and helped me to determine next steps.

Once we determined the correct course of action, Dr. Cohen reviewed the surgeons I was considering and helped me to make the right choice. In the end, I was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer, a grave, life threatening condition. My family and I credit Dr. Cohen’s involvement in directing my care for helping me get diagnosed correctly and in a timely manner. Those steps led me to treatment that saved my life.

I highly recommend Dr. Cohen’s medical navigation services for situations where the need for care is urgent or unfamiliar as well as for guidance in finding one’s way to excellent care in everyday situations.

Diane McDaniel

Editorial and Content Strategist | Author and Blogger, Real Cancer

My husband Marvin had an aortic aneurism. Because two heart attacks left my husband’s heart seriously damaged, our cardiologist was uncertain if Marvin could survive the surgery. We contacted MD Medical Navigators where our Navigator connected us to the one surgeon who at that time performed this procedure with a minimally invasive technique.

When Marvin was in the last stages of congestive heart failure, our cardiologist told my husband and I that my husband had a couple weeks left to live. He did not give us any options. We reached out to our Navigator where he coordinated a visit with a world-renowned specialist in cardiac mechanical support. My husband lived 8 more months, important vital months in which our whole family needed to be with Marvin, love him and say goodbye on our time. This is the most incredible company. I call my Navigator all the time not only when a crisis occurs, but just to check in as he has become a part of our family.

Susan Gottsegen

In November 2015 I was diagnosed with melanoma. My dermatologist recommended an office based deeper biopsy. While I had confidence in my dermatologist, I was very concerned and I wanted a second opinion. I turned to my MD Medical Navigator for advice, and after a brief conversation, he put me in touch with one of the top melanoma surgeons at NYU in Manhattan, who advocated a very different approach.   Although his schedule is generally packed for weeks, I was able to get an appointment very quickly because of my Navigator’s help and guidance. I knew immediately that this was the right course of action and treatment. The end result is that I had a successful procedure by one of the absolute top people in the field. I probably would have not been able to see him so quickly, or even at all, without my MD Medical Navigator’s help and relationship with the right medical specialists.  I can’t say thank you enough.

Peter A. Toth

Vice President, At a national insurance consulting firm

I have known Dr. Jonathan Cohen for close to 25 years. As far as physicians are concerned, he is well very educated, current, and always looking for new solutions to improve his patient’s quality of life. When I learned of MD Medical Navigators, I immediately knew that Jonathan had created a major breakthrough in the care and servicing of patients, and for me in particular, those that travel extensively and neither have the time nor resources to get sick on the road. I had a medical emergency last year in Japan that was an arduous experience – both frustrating because of language barriers, and frightening due to unique medical practices in that country. Had I had my personal MD Medical Navigator in place, I am certain my experience would have been much easier and likely far less stressful. Now as a subscriber, I know I have the backing and care of top medical professionals across the globe, who will care for me as though I were a close family member. Paul Silverman

Executive Director, Account Manager, Team One

Throughout the years, whenever I have had a medical issue myself, or when a family member has had a medical crisis occur, it has added security and great peace of mind knowing I can call my MD Medical Navigator. When my father was sick, my Navigator helped us understand the diagnosis and organized the questions we needed answered, so we were always prepared to meet the expert consultants he introduced us to.  We know we can count on him whenever we need him to help us understand what our doctors are telling us, find the best experts, and advocate to help us get the best possible care.

Michael Bebon

Senior Vice President, Sales, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

My MD Medical Navigator served as a consultant to help us figure out what to do about my husband’s dangerous hiatal hernia, pointing us to two highly talented experts at different hospitals from which to choose. He is an amazingly talented, keenly intelligent, and remarkably kind doctor. He is absolutely brilliant! I am deeply grateful for his counsel which directed us to the right diagnosis and successful surgery.

Gail Lencz