Benefits for Executives
Our approach to managing healthcare is to personalize the patient-doctor relationship by encouraging an on-going relationship with your assigned Navigator. Your Navigator handles no more than 25 clients at a time and will be the person discussing recommendations, therapies and treatments for a health issue or medical crisis.

What Services We Offer

  • Access to a top doctor to serve as your advocate and advisor
  • Crisis Medical Care and Preventative Care
  • Specialist Referral and VIP coordination
  • Expert second opinions
  • Confirmation and explanation of diagnosis: Patient Education
  • Access to Clinical Trials and Advanced Research
  • Appointment coordination with top specialists
  • Education regarding treatment options, clinical trials and advanced therapies

How to Use MD Medical Navigators as Your Company Health Benefit:

Executive Navigation retainer offer customized to meet an employee and their families long term care as Employee Group Benefit designed to meet your companies needs.

Why Your Company Benefits

  • High cost of medical claims are managed due to early intervention
  • Employee productivity improved due to more focus and engagement
  • Improved employee mental health
  • Less employee absence
  • Access to special preferred rates with our partners including Canyon Ranch.

Benefits for Employees

MD MEDNAV-DIRECT connects employees with top specialists at Medical Centers of Excellence for expert second opinions and expedited appointments. Available through employers and large organizations, MD MEDNAV-DIRECT facilitates access to the world’s leading health experts, either within or outside of the member’s health insurance plan. In addition, more importantly, once diagnosed, the employee is encouraged to discuss next steps and complex treatment decisions with their assigned Navigator.

How to Use MD Medical Navigators as Your Health Benefit

You contact us and we connect you to your assigned Navigator who will serve as your advocate and guide

Your Navigator will offer an explanation of your condition

Your Navigator will connect you to specialists and arrange appointments

Your Navigator will help you with next steps

Why You Benefit

  • Security knowing you have a top doctor advocating and educating you
  • Access to top specialists who are part of the MD Medical Navigator network world-wide
  • Peace of mind making confident decision regarding your health care
  • MD Medical Navigators offers special preferred rates through our various partners including Canyon Ranch