When You’ll Need Us

  • Convincing your child to seek medical help promptly
  • Communicating with student health services providers
  • Identifying best local experts when needed, facilitating access and
    coordinating transfer of relevant background medical information
  • Establishing connections with local specialists able to follow chronic
    medical conditions while your child is away from home
  • Ensuring sufficient information and education gets back to parents to keep them fully in the loop when they cannot be physically present

How It Works

  • Assigned Navigator meets student and parents to get complete medical background about the student and location of school or study abroad program
  • Navigator arranges connections with local lead contacts in advance of any medical issues
  • Student or parent contacts Navigator 24/7 as needed for advice on urgent and non-urgent medical matters that arise for the student
  • Introductory student subscription billed semiannually


“Our daughter experienced prolonged abdominal pains, diarrhea and weight loss following a weekend excursion while studying in Scotland.  There was a significant wait before she could see a gastroenterologist.  We wondered whether to fly there, bring her home and generally what to do.   Within a day, our MD Medical Navigator connected with his London expert who both offered to see our daughter in London and also communicated with the Scottish specialist, with whom he had once trained.  The Edinburgh doctor fit her in 2 days later, emailed our Navigator and formed a plan.  She improved without need for intervention and was able to return to see our own specialist back home after completing the semester.  Having a Navigator on our side gave us major and rapid peace of mind and access to specialists hard to imagine so far from the reach of our own doctors.”  — RS

“Our son was sent by a student health service doctor concerned he might have appendicitis. He was told the wait time was at least 8 hours to be seen.   We called our family MD Medical Navigator who got in touch with a colleague on faculty at the University Hospital to call the ER attending to direct ongoing care as if he were a known patient.  The Navigator also confirmed that alternative area hospitals had no shorter waits and convinced the ER attending to obtain the CT scan while our son was still in the waiting room, determining quickly that his appendix was OK.  We were all scared and felt totally out of control, but having a connected Navigator was incredibly valuable and reassuring.”  — JH